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Tile Path is an original board game created in 2012 by Loon Apps.

Goal is to create colored path between to borne of the same color. To do so, you must place some colored piece on the game board.

When a colored path is completed, You gain a number of points equal to the number of tiles in the path. Thus, if a path contains 14 yellow tiles, you win 14 points.

Game difficulty

Tile path offers 5 difficulty levels, from simple to more complicated:


The easiest mode. It includes 4 different game pieces available in 4 colors. You can try this mode in the free trial version.


In this mode, two new game pieces are added to increase the difficulty.


The black tiles are added. Once on the board, she blocks the paths building. In addition, a extra piece is added.


The Two-colored pieces are added. Pay attention to your brain.


The ultimate mode combines the difficulty of two-colored pieces and black tiles. A real challenge.

Playing mode

For each game difficulty levels, you can access 3 game mode:

Play for fun: without time limit.

Training for championship. Do the best score you can in 180 seconds.

Championship. Try to do the world's best score (in 180 seconds). Your score appear in world's ranking. You can play this mode only one time per day. Also, train you.

Download Tile Path Now

You can download Tile Path for iPhone or try Tile Path for free on Windows and on Windows Phone.


Download iPhone release from App Store.

Windows Phone

Download Windows Phone release from marketplace to access trial mode for free.


Create a account and download windows release to try Tile Path for free.

Create an account, then